Bible Answers: Revelations modern mysteries

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“If the Book of Revelation is the prophecy of the end times, why aren’t there references to modern technology (planes, guns, tanks, etc.)?” — Devin
The book doesn’t address modern technology because that is not consistent with its nature or purpose.
The book was written to first century Christians. The language, apocalyptic in nature (meaning “hidden” or encoded), would be challenging enough for them. Detailed descriptions of machines that might exist two millennia in the future would be completely confusing and would likely derail the purpose for writing to them in the first place.
Furthermore, in spite of the “future” significance so often accorded to the Book of Revelation, it nonetheless possesses a relevance for every generation in which it is read. The power of the message; i.e., “no matter how tough this life is, Christ has conquered and the believer’s ultimate hope is in Him,” should be heard repeatedly throughout the years. References to modern technology would not add anything of substance to the communication of this message.
There is another reason it does not contain “modern” technology. No one knows when the end of the world will take place.
In order for the book to accomplish its task of encouraging believers to keep the faith, it has to remain “open ended.” The book will always have an aura of mystery. We are not compelled to make it fit a particular time frame or demand it meet a certain interpretation.
Scripture will always succeed in pointing us to its main subject: the holy God who is in charge and who will ultimately make all things right (Rev. 21, 22).