Better explanations needed

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By Dick Foster

Dear Editor,

John McCain and Sarah Palin offer one another some mutual support as well as some inconsistencies.

McCain is reaching out to the far right of the Republican Party. His pick of Sarah Palin helps him reach some conservative Evangelical Christians who are nervous about the McCain candidacy.

McCain has talked about continuing the Iraq war for 100 years if necessary. Palin has called the Iraq war “God’s task,” so that could mean staying in Iraq for eternity.

McCain is pro-life. So is Palin, but she is extremely anti-choice. She would not allow abortion even in the case of rape. Does that include brutal gang rape?

Presidential nominee John McCain says he will end earmarks. So does his vice presidential pick Sarah Palin, but she supported earmarks when she wanted the “Bridge to Nowhere.” She eventually opposed the bridge after Congress withdrew support for it.

McCain says he would work for all the people but Palin might want to include only those from 49 states. She has given moral support to the Alaskan Independent Party that wants a vote on having Alaska secede from the Union.

McCain has said he would do something about global warming but Palin might cloud the issue because she does not believe that humans contribute to global warming.

McCain and Palin need to be more coherent in their positions on the issues?

White Rock