The best thing about having a sister

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By Kirsten Laskey

The best thing about having a sister is that you have a friend for life. The best thing about having Kim as my sister is that I have a fellow “So You Think You Can Dance,” fan for life.

Our parents probably rolled their eyes at some of things my sister and I engaged in – creating and modeling ancient Egyptian costumes, having sleepovers in our closets and screaming out lyrics to our favorite songs on the radio – but it never bothered us.

We had our sisterly fellowship and that was all that mattered.

Even though times have changed and we both went  down different paths, nothing has dented that fellowship. It’s still Kim and me.

“So You Think You Can Dance,” a TV talent competition where viewers vote for their favorite dancers, cements this fact.

Kim and I have watched this show for years. We would cram into the small TV room in her house on F Street in Salida, Colo., to watch the series.

I still remember it – Dimitri, the gorgeous ballroom dancer certainly had my vote although it was the gangly swing dancer who took first prize.

I practically bit my fingernails in anticipation to see who was going to get the title of “America’s favorite dancer.”

It is true; Kim and I are die-hard fans.

In fact one time in Salida, we commandeered the neighbor’s TV when Kim’s husband wanted to watch his own favorite show.

I suspect we like it for different reasons – Kim has been involved in dancing in one form or another ever since elementary school and I love the performances with the glitzy costumes and first-rate music.

Plus, we love the judges. Mia Michaels is the most sophisticated, but my heart will always be with Mary Murphy – I love her “hot tamale train,” a statement she blares out when a dancer has performed really, really well.

These reasons are all well and good but I think there might be another one. “So You Think You Can Dance” is our one opportunity to spend time together, just the two of us.

Kim has three kids, a husband and one bouncy dog to tend to, plus she has a full-time job and an undergraduate degree to pursue. In short, her plate is piled high.

My own plate certainly has a smaller mound but working as a journalist can sometimes feel like a 24-hour job.

So it’s nice to drop everything, hit the gas in the car to White Rock, where she lives, and flick the TV on.

We can revert back to another time before Kim got married and had children and before I moved out of our parents’ house and got a job. It feels like traveling back in time when it was just Kim and I hanging out together on a weekend night.  

Of course, change can’t be stopped and now we share the TV room with Kim’s kids and husband.

Luckily, “So You Think You Can Dance” is appropriate for all ages – my sister’s children refer to the program as the “shoobie-do-dah” show in honor of the opening song.  

They’ll sometimes break out their own moves across the carpet and have a tendency to plug their ears every time Murphy lets out one of her full-volume and long-running screams to convey her true appreciation for what a contestant has accomplished on the dance floor.

On Sunday evening, even Colin, the baby, sat up straight to better watch the contestants perform a contemporary dance.

See – that is what makes “So You Think You Can Dance” so great; it captures the best of the old times and that promises they will always continue.