Best Sellers 01-06-11

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The Monitor has the inside scoop on what locals are reading. Otowi Station issued a current list of  popular books for Los Alamos readers.

1.  “The Bicycle Diaries,” David Byrne

2.  “The Widow’s Revenge,” James D. Doss

 3.  “American Prometheus,” Kai Bird and Martin Sherwin

4.  “The Making of the Atomic Bomb,” Richard Rhodes

 5.  “Inside Box 1663,” Eleanor Jette

6.  “No Wonder They Call It the Real Presence: Lives Changed by Christ in Eucharistic Adoration,” David Pearson

7.   “Native American Night Before Christmas,” Gary Robinson

8.  “New Mexico’s Tasty Traditions: Folksy Stories, Recipes and Photos,” Sharon Niederman

9.  “The Alchemist,”
Paulo Coehlo

10. “Three Cups of Tea,” Greg Mortenson

* Local author