Beloved guinea pig returned

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By Carol A. Clark

Children rejoiced to find Violet, their beautiful classroom guinea pig, returned without a scratch after being kidnapped from Little Forest Playschool during a break-in Sunday.
“One of our teachers put out the word on the Internet and Facebook that Violet had been stolen and a mother in town noticed and called to say that her son had come home with a guinea pig,” Executive Director Jeni Morris said. “The children had been devastated and were so happy to have Violet home safe and healthy.”
A couple of middle school boys seized the opportunity to enter the school, Morris said. They bent some of the window frames in a couple of the classrooms, stole a CD player and a couple of beanbag chairs along with Violet, she said.
“It was just opportunity and a lack of entertainment,” Morris said of what she believes to be the motive behind the break in.
Los Alamos Police Capt. Randy Foster said one of the kid’s parents had contacted police Tuesday evening about what their son had done.
“Both boys were referred to the juvenile probation officer and left with their parents,” Foster said this morning. “We’re interviewing a third boy today who may have been involved or may have additional information for us about the case.”
Morris said there has been an outpouring of support since the incident.
“We’ve really had a lot of response from the community, there’s been a lot of sympathy and a lot of support,” Morris said. “People want to donate so we can purchase a surveillance system for the school. It’s been quite marvelous, especially to have Violet back.”
Little Forest Playschool was founded in 1951 and is a cooperatively managed preschool for children aged 2-5. Anyone interested in contributing to the Little Forest Playschool surveillance system fund can send a check to the school at 3880 Villa St. or call 662-5895.