Be part of the solution

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By Ralph Damiani

There was a lot of controversy when the county declared the Municipal Building unfit and the council voted to tear it down.

That was a very unpopular decision and its effects still linger today.

But that was then and this is now and now the county is reaching out to the community for help as for what to do now. We should put the differences of the past behind us and work to ensure that we have the best facility – in the best  location – we can.

To that end, the county council announced that it is seeking members of the community who would be willing to be appointed to a Municipal Building Site Selection Citizen’s Steering Committee to examine locations for a new Municipal Building.

The committee will be formed this month and make a report to council in September.

Those of you who care about the community should consider applying for this panel. It is really important that this decision be a broad-based one that unites us. We do not need further division.

To that end, the council is asking for everyone’s help. They are to be appaluded for this effort.

The council will begin formal work on this process at its May 12 meeting.

If you want to be part of this process, you need to apply by Thursday. Those interested will be then contacted and asked to attend the May 12 meeting.

Final committee appointments will be subject to council approval at its May 19 meeting.

If you are interested in serving, contact Rick Bohn at the Community Development office. Complete application details are on Page A8 in today’s Monitor.

Staff will assist the committee and council will give guidance. 

Consider serving on this committee. Where we go from here is of critical importance to our community. And we all need to do it together.