Be kind to snakes

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

A few days ago, a lady called me to ask how to get a bullsnake out of some bird netting. When she called back to let me know that the snake was freed, she also told me that if she hadn’t gotten the snake out when she did, it would have strangled to death in the netting. It is a slow and tortuous death. The plastic fibers dig into the snake’s flesh and slowly strangle it. Once a snake is in this netting, it cannot get out.

The more it struggles, the more it entangles itself and death is the ultimate result.

Please, if you care anything about our wildlife, don’t use bird netting or even the ones with straw that is used on slopes for erosion control. The State, private landscapers, homeowners and contractors use this awful stuff and it should be outlawed. Our wonderful snake population needs our protection.

I know many people are not aware of the dangers of using netting on trees and on the ground. I am writing this letter in hopes that people will not use it after knowing how detrimental it is to snakes and if they are using it, they will take it down and put it in a trash bag and dispose of it so nothing else will be harmed by it.

Earth Day is gone until another year but we should be honoring our Earth all year round. Please, try to coexist with our wildlife instead of using poisons, glue traps, kill traps and netting. Using poisons outdoors will not only kill the unsuspecting creature that eats it, but also the others that feed off the carcass such as raptors, snakes, coyotes and roaming dogs and cats.

Some use glue traps outdoors and that traps snakes, lizards, birds and rodents, and again, it is a slow tortuous death. If you use the glue traps, you can release the trapped creature by using vegetable cooking oil.

I know many people do not like snakes and will kill them on sight. They are part of our environment and have every right to exist.   

If you don’t want snakes on your property, please contact your local police dispatcher, animal control or a wildlife organization. They should have names of those who will relocate snake to a more favorable environment.

A huge thank you to those that have already done that.

Jan Macek

Los Alamos