Barranca GATE students study alternative giving

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By Special to the Monitor

As a feature of Barranca Elementary School’s fifth and sixth grade GATE classes’ global outreach, students learn about how some children in Cambodia do not have schools, or teachers and often not enough to eat.

In response, Barranca students are collaborating with Cambodia’s Hope, a local charity supporting schools and orphans in Cambodia to help children on the other side of the globe by supporting the Alphabet Soup program where just 78 cents per day supports a child in school and gives them a nutritious meal.

In fund raising, the Barranca students are also learning and teaching about Alternative Giving. Along with selling small hand crafted items from Cambodia, they are encouraging each other to make a donation in someone’s name as a gift. The children make a donation in honor of their mother to help a child in Cambodia who does not have a mother.

Smith’s Food and Drug is donating a flower to go with the gift card. The goal of alternative giving is to increase compassion while decreasing consumption.

The fundraiser at Barranca school is set for Thursday and Friday. The annual Unique Boutique fundraiser for Cambodia’s Hope is scheduled for 1-8 p.m., Dec. 10 and 11 at 199 San Ildefonso Road. The public is encouraged to attend.