Bandwidth concerns prompt district to delay President's speech to students

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By Kirsten Laskey

President Obama spoke to students throughout the U.S. this week and his message will be available to Los Alamos Public Schools students.


The LAPS administration decided not to air the president’s speech on Tuesday because the bandwidth and streaming capacity are not available to show it live in a single day, the district Web site reports. Plus, Joan Ahlers, president of the LAPS school board, pointed out Obama’s speech welcomed students back to school, which might have been distracting to Los Alamos students, who have been back in school for a month.


However, Obama’s speech was recorded on DVD and will be available to all the sites next week. Each site can determine how to show the speech to the students. They will have the option not to watch it and no graded assignments will be tied to this opportunity.


Ahlers said the advantages of this decision are that parents will be able to preview it and teachers will be allowed to work the president’s speech into an appropriate point in their lesson plans.


“I think the administration did a great job in the way they handled it,” she said.


School board member Jody Benson encouraged students to view the speech.


“The president’s speech shows that he values the same thing we value in Los Alamos and that education is the opportunity to have control of your future,” she said. “Los Alamos Public Schools are committed to giving each student the opportunity to become a person who can live up to his or her potential and I personally think that President Obama is an excellent example of what commitment to hard work and education can do.”


According to the Associated Press, Obama presented his speech Tuesday from Wakerfield High School in Arlington, Va.


His talk was aired on C-SPAN and the White House Web site. According to the Associated Press, Obama motivated students to work hard even though “You won’t love every subject you study. You won’t click with every teacher.”