Bandelier visitor center reopening unveils new facility

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For anyone in town who hasn’t heard yet, there’s been a big project going on at Bandelier, and it just finished up.
After the visitor center being closed for almost a year for updating, it’s open now, just waiting for our neighbors in town to come and see.  
The new movie is beautiful, high def, in a totally new theater with a huge screen and great sound.  
The bookstore has a comfortable new space, no longer crowded into the lobby.  
And the museum ­— well, we really want to invite everyone to come and see for yourselves.  
It was more than eight years in the planning, with all the new exhibits done in consultation with the six pueblos (San Ildefonso, Santa Clara, Cochiti, Kewa, San Felipe, and Zuni) who count themselves most closely related to the park area.
There are ancestral Pueblo pots along with works by many present-day Pueblo people, including artwork done specifically for these exhibits.
The new display cases give us the chance to bring out paintings by Pablita Velarde and Helmuth Naumer that we’ve had to keep stored for years.  
And everything was done within the limits of working with the fine historic CCC structure.
The grand reopening on Aug. 25 was fun, with shuttle buses, crafts demonstrators, speeches, and the ribbon cutting, but the best parts are here to be enjoyed every day.
Drive down in the golden autumn sunshine, and let us know what you think of the results of all our efforts.

Chris Judson