Ballots due Tuesday

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Votes must be received before 7 p.m. Feb. 2

By The Staff

The ballots for the all mail special election for the Los Alamos Public Schools and UNM-LA bond issues must be returned to the Clerk’s Office before 7 p.m. Feb. 2, and that date is almost here.

As of mid-day Wednesday, 4,275 ballots had been returned to the County Clerk’s Office, according to Chief Deputy Clerk Sheryl Nichols.

For reference purposes, she said 6,626 total votes were cast in the 2009 special school bond election.

The ballots for this election were mailed on Jan. 11 to the mailing addresses for registered voters in the clerk’s database.

Tuesday is the deadline, but that finish line is a little deceptive because mail placed in postal service receptacles in Los Alamos is picked up and sent to Albuquerque for sorting, before it returns to Los Alamos. In theory, that takes one day going and one day returning.

“We get some late in every election,” said Nichols. “That’s not specific to mail-out elections, but also includes absentee ballots in primary and general elections. It’s never a huge amount in any election.”

Voters who have not mailed their ballots by Friday are encouraged to make sure they beat the deadline by taking them directly to the Clerk’s Office at 2451 Central Avenue, Suite D.

“We share a parking lot with the police station,” Nichols said. “We’re in the very last trailer, across central from Mesa Public Library.”

The Clerk’s Office will be open from

7 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday.

Results will be announced Tuesday evening.