Balloon Fiesta announces new shapes

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The 42nd  Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta will host international Special Shape balloon teams as a part of the world’s premier balloon event, Oct. 5-13.
Special Shape balloons have held a special honor at Balloon Fiesta® since the premiere of the Special Shape Rodeo™ in 1989, the first event of its kind devoted exclusively to Special Shape hot air balloons. Today, it’s one of the most popular events at Balloon Fiesta Park.
Special Shape balloons take to the launch field and ascend into the sky, creating a delightful display of wondrous shapes and fun characters.
Special Shapes also participate in two evening events; known as the Special Shape Glowdeo™. The balloons remain tethered to the ground, lighting their burners to create a spectacular glowing effect.
This year, even Balloon Fiesta veterans will have something to look forward to in the Special Shapes department, said Balloon Fiesta event director Don Edwards. “We’re always excited to announce the new additions to our Special Shapes roster, and this year guests can expect 11 new balloons they’ve never seen at Balloon Fiesta before,” Edwards said.
Special Shape hot air balloons making their inaugural appearance at Balloon Fiesta include:
• Peg Leg Pete, a parrot dressed as a pirate from the United States
• Princess Carriage  from Brazil
• Rocket Boy, a boy with a jet pack attached to his back from Brazil
• Scuba Diver from Brazil  
• Snow White Doll from England
• Triple Clown Head from Brazil
• Little Wizard from Brazil BOB (Breizh on Board), a lighthouse with a face from France
• Hummingbird from Brazil  
• Angry Bird from United States
While many of the special shapes will be participating throughout the entire week, Balloon Fiesta has two events that feature just special shape balloons.
The Special Shape Rodeo™ and Glowdeo™ events will be Oct. 10 and Friday, Oct. 11.
Check out a preview of this year’s Special Shape list balloonfiesta.com/pilots-and-crew/special-shapes-directory.