Baffled, outrage

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Dear Editor,
I read your article about Aaron Nguyen with a combination of bafflement and outrage. I am certainly relieved that this young man does not reside in my neighborhood.
I am baffled that any trip out of Los Alamos would be permitted while this case is yet undecided. Any decision by our judicial system permitting these casual trips, regardless of any conditions placed upon them by the court, is sending the message to the perpetrator and the public there are no consequences for this type of crime, which is outrageous. As to the diagnosis of mental illness, I won’t quote statistics, as I am not an expert. What I would suggest is that there are many, many youth and adults with ADHD. Going on a crime spree is not something I have observed from media reporting to be frequently associated with this disorder.
It is fortunate for the accused that he has advocates to assist him in the future to curb his illegal activities.
 I suspect that a majority of youth offenders whom end up incarcerated from the exact same behavior would benefit from this type of support, but it is not readily available.
If these holidays out of state are permitted by the court, I am, yes, baffled and outraged.
Madeline Boyd
White Rock