Assets In Action: What are we teaching, not teaching youth?

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Since we have officially arrived at summer, the Assets column generally takes on a more laid back format.
During the school year, we try and keep up with an Asset of the month focusing on those encompassed in the category, during that time.
Now I would like to see what you want to hear about? Are there topics that interest you or that I could expand on?
As for me, I would like to hear what you think kids need to know or need to learn about in general?
As the parent of a graduate, I am very interested in the wisdom of parents whose children have just completing their first year of college. What wisdom can they pass along or would they like to share?
I tend to pick up on things as I see them and wonder what we as parents aren’t teaching our children or what we aren’t learning from them.
My favorites are to turn your ringer volume on your cell phone off deafening levels. That is one for youth and adults. Also, try not to have a full-fledged irrelevant conversation for the entire room to suffer through or at least step outside.
My next favorite is to invest in a pair of ear buds, the new school version of headphones.
I know I must be turning into one of those people that say, “turn it down.” Yesterday, I almost had to say something to a 30-year-old that sat listening to the same sports clip over and over and over, followed by the same song, over and over and over. He didn’t have special needs, just must have thought he was too special to be polite to the 25 people also sitting in the same small space.
What other things do you see not being taught to the youth of today? Everyone needs to learn to wash a car by hand, fill the fluids, do a load of laundry, cook a meal, load the dishwasher, address an envelope and balance a checkbook. What else?
As for the older set, I would say if you’re under 70, let someone teach you to text? Let youth show you how they download a song? See if someone will show you his or her Facebook page. It doesn’t matter what they teach or show you, it is the act itself that has value. Allow the youth to be the teacher.
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