Assets In Action: There are plenty of ways to volunteer

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

There are many opportunities to become involved in this little slice of “paradise” on the Hill. What would you like to do?
The sense of volunteerism and the fact that you can find it related to just about any topic is one of the reasons this community is so great.
Do you like to read? How about volunteering with Friends of the Library? Do you like activities for senior citizens, how about volunteering with Friends of the Senior Center? You can also be friends of the furriest in Los Alamos, as a volunteer with the Friends of the Shelter.
It seems like our new town slogan could be, “Los Alamos, we gotta lotta friends.”
The FOS assist Los Alamos animal control officers in making the Los Alamos Animal Shelter hum along just a little better.
They walk dogs, play with cats, socialize them, train and temperament test them and more. Volunteers take animals far and wide for the opportunity to place them in homes.
There are volunteers like the folks at Yours Truly, Diana, that donate a freshly washed pet; and Pet Pangaea that opens their space for mobile adoptions and helps spread the word about homes for these needy companions.
The tight economy has produced some high shelter resident numbers, so if you thought about adding an addition of the furry kind to your home, the time is now.
Then there are the groups that assist the children of the community in many ways, some you hear about regularly, some you don’t hear about very often.
The Rotary Club, the Lions Club and of course, the Kiwanis Club.
During this time of year, we normally hear about the Kiwanis, as they host what is probably one of the biggest annual events of the year in our community.
This year, Mother Nature again sees to it that a Fourth of July celebration — complete with fireworks — is not in the plans.
The Kiwanis Club does have plans, however, with the celebration still taking place to mark the importance of the day.
Atomic City Transit will still provide curb service from various points throughout the community to make things easier, so tell those Los Alamos National Laboratory summer students to climb aboard and travel that long and winding road to White Rock.
One point I would like to make — because they may be too gracious to do themselves — is to encourage those in attendance and (those not), to consider sending the club a small donation to cover their costs.
This makes year number two for no nighttime display of fire in the sky, and it could take a toll on the club’s pocketbook. This event usually allows them to not only pay for the festivities, but to boost their budget for the entire next year.  
The Kiwanis Club donates to a variety of community events and this celebration (and the multitude of pancake breakfasts), allows them to be generous.
So if you know a Kiwanian and have the financial means, slip them a dollar or two to fill the coffers and continue their good work throughout the community.
If you don’t know a Kiwanian, just ask a few people you know and I’m sure someone you know probably knows a few.

Bernadette Lauritzen is the Assets Coordinator for Los Alamos. The JJAB and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce sponsor Assets In Action.