Assets In Action: Thank LAPS custodians for their tireless work

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

As we head into a holiday weekend, stop for a moment and think about what and who you are thankful for each day.
This week, we look at the Asset of Safety, when a young person feels safe at home, at school and in the neighborhood.
We won’t look at data, but will start this column on a thankful note and look at safety in a different way.
I hope after the holiday weekend, that you’ll think about some people that work harder than you know everyday.
Those people are the custodians and janitors of Los Alamos Public Schools.
Now the disappointing part is that I won’t be able to name them all, as a matter of fact, I can only name a couple at each of the schools my children have attended.
There’s Mr. Aragon, Alfredo, Randy, Jesus, Henry, Tony and so many, many more.
The amazing thing would be if you could see any lunchroom after the masses have been through, within an hour time period, known as lunch. I will save a full column on that for another day.
The focus this week is on what happens in the day in the life of … well in a brief glimpse in the life, of our LAPS custodians and janitors.
On a snowy morning, their day starts about 5 a.m. After they traverse the roads to get to work, they shovel, scoop and salt the many walkways that our children, staff and teachers will cross as they begin their day.
After a chill to the bone and more calories burned than many of us will even consider for the day, they then start their regular day. Oh, and in addition to the regular part of the day, that already encompasses eight hours, they will mop and mop and mop again.
I think everyone needs to remind their children to wipe their feet, when they come from outside to inside the building. Oh, and then I think every young person needs to remind adults that … they also need to wipe their feet when they go indoors, too.
They circumvent the many, many slip and slide opportunities that come into play each day.
So take a second, make a difference and say a thank you the next time you pass someone in the hall, see them taking down the flag or hauling the trash and recycle out to the curb.
They spray and disinfect the germs away, wipe more fingerprints off glass than you can imagine and pick up the trash that somebody else’s kiddo must have left behind.
If you get a chance, bring it up in conversations with your students and at a minimum, make sure you know a name or two. If you do and it isn’t one of the ones I listed above, get on it and drop me an email or a voice message or go on Facebook and praise them in public.
A reminder to everyone, just in case you are too busy, don’t forget to flush.
Have a great Thanksgiving and be safe.

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