Assets In Action: Teen Whitacre offers much to community

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Our Asset of the week is number 9, service to others. This is when a young person serves in the community one or more hours per week.
According to our 2009 data, 51 percent of sixth through 12th graders reported they had this Asset in their lives. In 2013, the data is up to 57 percent.
There are lots of service projects performed by youth in and around our community. This week I would like to publicly praise Los Alamos High School student Madeline Whitacre.
Whitacre spent her precious teenage time volunteering for an Assets project that will help the program create a traveling library.
Whitacre took lots and lots of Assets books that I use for a variety of training, presentations and ideas and worked to create a master list of titles.
She alphabetized the list, included author, what year the book came into print and a summary of each piece of work.
Now with the donation of some old school library cards and pockets, the program will complete her effort, creating a way for the books to be checked out, by staff of Los Alamos Public Schools.
While the completion of the final outcome still has some steps to go. A great idea is now on the road to becoming a completed project.
Whitacre’s service to others might benefit not just others but hundreds of others, through the ability to access resources, with no cost and very little effort.
The resources are all based on the work of the Search Institute. The collection helps the reader to build relationships and on the experiences, traits and skills that young people need to become successful adults.
The small traveling library will allow staff members the resources for their own relationship building work with students, one on one, in their classrooms and with project ideas to accomplish their bench marks.
So while it may just have been some of her time, given to a good cause, this work will be able to benefit the staff of the entire school district and its students, for years to come.
I would also like to praise the LAHS culinary and baking programs, under the direction of Louise Majorey and Kristen Pyle.
The high altitude Hilltoppers baked their way into the hearts of the monthly gathering of Cookies & Conversation.
Our seniors loved the fact that the youth baked such delicious treats for their conversational counterparts.
The Speech Theater was brimming with conversation on Monday morning, putting everyone in a holiday mood as Thanksgiving approaches.

Assets in Action is sponsored by the JJAB and the LACDC.