Assets In Action: Support teens by backing LA Teen Center

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

 Lately I have heard the question asked numerous times, “What can we do for the youth?”
One answer right now, is to support the Los Alamos Teen Center.
It doesn’t matter how you do that, but of course, to make it easier for you, I like to provide you with some ways.
The first and the easiest way to support them, is to send an email and ask them to reinstate the funds cut from the budget.
Now, $10,000 may not seem like a lot of money, but to a nonprofit, it is a ton. Even cutting $500 from a budget, may be the salary of an employee for two weeks, or even a month.
So the simplest way, send an email, especially if you have a teenager that has set foot in the building and enjoys the experience.
I’ll even include the email address because I know that anything that takes an extra second just might not get done and the voice of the community needs to be heard.
If you have a little extra pocket change, send it their way.
If you are a local business that can benefit the center by saving them a few dollars, maybe you can offer your services.
Can you donate snacks, art supplies, instruments, items to be used for projects, games, or prizes for all around great fun?
Finally, if you have time to volunteer, then ask them what they need in the way of man hours. Could you teach a class or offer another service?
Maybe you have the funds to pay for a background check for other volunteers or can help spread the word about all of the good things LATC does for our youth.
Yes, in a perfect world, we write for a bunch of grants, hold bake sales and people just donate in droves.
However for now, they need some help so they don’t have to reduce their hours.
If you look at it from another perspective, our teens have been waiting for years for a place to call their own.
That plan has changed yet again, so we as adults should be able to understand how they must feel.
They engaged in the process, went to all of the meetings, found a temporary home, worked to paint it, got it put together and still they wait.
Let me refresh your memory that some of those original painters are now graduating from high school in 2014, and as a community, we still make them unsure about a future.
Take some time and support them as they transition in adulthood with the support of a caring community and a teen center with a caring staff.