Assets In Action: Spring break and a whole lot of nothing

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Welcome to April, the Asset category of Constructive use of time and a way past due time for spring break.
This category incorporates numbers 17 through 20 and includes creative activities, youth programs, the religious community and time at home.
Now for those that know me well, spring break is a time for staying in your pajamas as late as possible, scheduling a whole lot of nothing, eating dinner in front of the television and one of those dinners possibly being comprised of all appetizers.
I also recommend a healthy amount of baking, making ice cream sundaes, or going through a drive-thru, again in your pajamas for some sort of sweet treat, late at night.
The theme here is a whole lot of nothing that can still equal a whole lot of fun. Parents and their children need to be able to embrace times where every little detail isn’t scheduled out to the very last minute.
Throughout the month, we will look at the following assets and how constructive use of time is important, but you can also be constructive doodling on construction paper and mailing cards to our troops, or local home bound seniors who could use a kind word.
Here is a look at the entire category.
17. Creative activities — A young person spends three or more hours per week in lessons or practice in music, theater, or other arts.
18. Youth programs — A young person spends three or more hours per week in sports, clubs, or organizations at school and/or in community organizations.
19. Religious community — A young person spends one hour or more per week in activities in a religious institution.
20. Time at home — A young person is out with friends “with nothing special to do” two or fewer nights per week.
We like to joke about how young children today don’t know the joy of playing with a simple cardboard box, well let the fun begin.
The trick is not to critique how they paint it, build it, color it, cut it, cover it, or what they put in it.
You don’t have a box, you say? Pull out the kitchen chairs and tie some sheets around the arms of the chair.
You say you don’t have little ones? I wish you the opportunity to have a few teenagers over and make a ridiculous amount of snacks, rent some movies and then hang out and watch, or even listen to the fun from the other room.
Something we saw last week was that 170 people turned out to watch the documentary “Race To Nowhere” with Los Alamos High School student Tessa Snyder. That is a huge for Los Alamos and I’m so proud of all who made the time to watch it. It might also mean we might need to make some change.
The change I believe starts with the parents or whatever way we define the family. We need to embrace our children and every child in the community and support them by adding balance to the scale.

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