Assets in Action: Show off college pride, colors in September

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

On Aug. 13, the Los Alamos County Council will proclaim, the month of September, as Assets month in Los Alamos.
The proclamation will formally kickoff a school year of Asset building throughout the community.
Each month, Assets in Action, through the assistance of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board will focus on an Asset category each month. We will look at the long-term plan later, but this week our focus will be on the category of Commitment to Learning.
On Sept. 6, Assets In Action is asking the entire community to take part in College Day.
We are asking that community members assist in the project by wearing your favorite college apparel.
Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation Director, Joanna Gillespie suggested that we also encourage those that received their education as part of our military, to represent their branch that day.
On Aug. 15, we will be speaking to the seniors at the Betty Ehart Senior Center, to ask them to participate in the event.
This will be fun way to show the students of today, where some of their fellow Toppers and community members furthered their education.
I believe that not everyone is lucky enough to hear the message, that they are college material. As a community we can encourage all youth to be the best they can be, in any endeavor.
So will you help us with an easy project that could have a large visual impact?
There’s no big formal way in which you need to participate. The format is simple, on Sept. 6 wear your favorite ball cap, T-shirt or other apparel that demonstrates where you received your education after high school.
If your, club, business, organization or company is willing to stretch the apparel rules for a day, let us know. We would like to provide a sign to hang up and demonstrate your support to higher education, not matter where you gained your skill set.
If you would like to know more email at AssetsInAction@att.net, call, or text at 695-9139.
Assets In Action is a community building program of the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce and the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board.