Assets in Action: Parents beware: 12 years will fly by

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Stop the presses, hold the phone, and wait just a dog gone minute, where has the summer gone?
OK, maybe it really isn’t just the summer; it is the last 12 years.
You see, tomorrow, my husband and I will send our oldest child off to his last first day of school.
Twelve years ago, it was a lovely day with two younger brothers in tow, as we headed to the doorstep of Chamisa Elementary to Mrs. Becky Sims’ class.
While a handful of moms celebrated with a noontime margarita party, I found the day sad because from this moment on, life as we know it would change.
There would be no more midday movies, story times, trips to Santa Fe, or weekday opportunities to do nothing at all.
I have learned from parents with older children that this year will fly by, at mach speed. I have learned that there is a lot to do and the time that use to drag by will fly.
Our once former kindergarten students have now become the top dogs or in this case the top ‘Toppers.
If you are the parents of a child entering kindergarten this year, let me tell you how fast this time is going to go. I don’t just mean the year, but the next 12 years.
I encourage you to take lots of pictures, not just tomorrow, but at a minimum, at the start of each year. Take a moment to reflect on them from time to time because while they seem so old each year, the photo will show another story.
Just like the first day of kindergarten, after this year, everything will change.
I take solace in an off handed comment someone made 16 years ago. In a mother’s group when we were talking about how fast the baby’s first year of life, the quickness of the year and all of the fun.
The sweetest thing another mom said was that even though we had a lot of fun over the year, the second year was even more fun.
I have the same hope that the same will hold true for the time after graduation.
Kindergarten parents, enjoy the first day of school. Oh, and if you are on the doorstep of one Mrs. Sims tomorrow morning, buckle your seat belt, but don’t worry, the ride will be a smooth one.
Have a wonderful year!

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