Assets In Action: Many ways to always stay involved in a child's education

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

This week, we look at Asset number 6, in the category of Support and Parent Involvement in Schooling.
This is defined as parents/guardians are actively involved in helping young person succeed in school.
Our 2009 data states that 33 percent had this Asset in their lives and in 2013 that number increased to 43 percent.
The most important thing I would say is that you always have to be involved in helping your young person succeed in school. The roles may change, but the goal is the same.
If you believe that when your student gets to middle school, your role is done, your answer is wrong.
Now I confess, I haven’t volunteered in the classroom, but there are other opportunities to get involved, so your young person knows you are still engaged in their education.
I had hoped to attend the Common Core Standards presentation with Los Alamos schools, but life dictated that my plans for the day were not going to happen my way.
I was thrilled to see that the presentation included enlightening parents to the fact that parent involvement in education is important.
You know sometimes you just need to hear the same message from another source. I hope parents took the information to heart.
There are small and large ways you can be involved; shop the fundraisers when you can, volunteer at something you enjoy, write grants, teach a topic, provide cupcakes for a function, attend school conferences/meetings, use your Smith’s rewards card and always, always remember staff and teacher appreciation week.
You’ll notice that I didn’t put any emphasis on what was small and what was large. My goal was just to hope one of those ideas worked for you.
If you give up, your kids will too and we all need to pitch in for their sake and for the sake of educating the children in our country.
If you have extra time to give, realize that you might be there when someone else can’t and someone else really might need you.
If you have every other Friday off, see if there’s a field trip you can help with or some hands on project a staff member needs. Are you a mechanic, maybe the auto shop teacher would like some help? Are you a woodsman, perhaps the wood shop teacher would like some additional eyes near the saw.
When in doubt, donate! Ask the art teacher if they need supplies, especially if they are just sitting in a closet at your house. Do you sew; maybe the drama teacher needs some costumes. Do you listen well? Ahh then Speech and Debate might be just the spot.
Lots of ways a little bit of time can make a very big difference, for you, for them, for the future. You can do it, trust me.

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