Assets In Action: Make Assets in Action part of lifestyle

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What a wonderful Fourth of July and so much thanks to the Kiwanis Club for all of the wonderful things they do for the community.
It is always so great to see everyone coming together all in the name of one great effort.
If you needed another great thing to support, did you know that July is national ice cream month! How great is that? Technically, you can celebrate all month long, which is a good thing for those of us that need a little extra time to get things done.
If you would like to celebrate the actual day, it is July 20. How will you partake?
According to the National Dairy Association, it was former President Ronald Reagan that created the recognition in 1984.
So if you need to boost your calcium intake, want to help support the dairy farmers of America or just enjoy something truly fun, get on board.
Did you know that the Creamland Dairy makes a Los Alamos Lime Sherbet?
How does all of this tie into the Assets you might ask? Well my answer would be, in some ways, in no way and in every way really.
In one way, it would be to celebrate anything, anytime, anywhere, do it as a family. It doesn’t matter if it is your family by birth, by choice or by borrowing from those random families you are permitted to borrow people from, from time to time.
I won’t focus on the no way part, but the every way is the same way you need to blend the work of the Assets into anything, into everything you do as a person.
This is the time not just to keep the Assets top of mind, but figure out ways to incorporate them in all things, so that they become a habit, second nature, a lifestyle.
This is not a time to stop concentrating on asset building, but to push harder, longer and stronger than ever before. If our goal is to raise successful, happy youth that don’t just survive, but thrive, we must continue the work in every aspect of the community.
We need to look for the ways; the people and the funding that help us shape our future in positive ways from pre-kindergarten until college graduation. There is always more to do, not less, but if I have taught you anything during the course of my work, it is that it doesn’t cost a whole lot to get this done.
What is does take is a little commitment, a pledge, some intent, a mid-year resolution and a simple belief that we as individuals can make a difference, today, tomorrow, or anytime.
I hope you will continue with me on the quest for the health of our children. Learn more at AssetsInAction.info, email us at AssetsInAction@att.net or call 695-9139.
Healthy commnunity, healthy youth!