Assets In Action: Los Alamos youth do great things

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

This week, we will cover two different Assets, numbers 18 and 19, youth activities and religious community.
We’ll take a look at youth activities, when a young person spends one or more hours per week in a sport, club, organization, or in the community.
We have so many kids doing so many great things, some things get some great publicity and so many other youth do things that don’t get such coverage.
This past weekend, we had some great members of the Los Alamos Youth Leadership program held its annual Wild Day celebration for the elementary youth.
While the day comes off as an intense day of play, there’s a lot of youth thought that goes into the event. The planning, the coordinating, the purchasing, the calling, the organizing and let’s not forget the paperwork.
There are a number of Eagle Scout projects that make the community a great place to live and take a lot of work on behalf of the Scout and their troop.
There are pancake breakfasts where choirs sing, car washes, even in not so great weather and fundraising galore.
There are many high school students that go into the younger grades to teach, read and work with students in art, music and more.
Another Asset we can touch on this week is number 18, religious community. This is when a young person spends one or more hours a week in activities associated with a religious institution.
One thing about Los Alamos is that there are a variety of institutions where you can find a seat at the table.
There are multiple teen groups in town that meet together, share a snack, a message and some good old time just hanging out.
The good thing is you can always give something a try and if you didn’t like it, can try something different next week.
I’d hate for one bad experience to be the defining moment for a lifetime, so if that was the case in the past, I hope that you might give it another go.
There are plenty of organizations that meet you where you are, welcome you as you come and save the judgment for someone else.
The good news is when you find the right one, there are people that you enjoy being around, people that can help you when you are in need and give you another sense of purpose. Remember that especially when we are talking about youth, another caring adult in their support system is a golden opportunity.
Data wise, we are at 70 percent for youth programs and 56 percent for religious community, just a slight nudge up from the previous data collection.
So keep up the good work and try to acknowledge even the slightest good thing over the course of the next month. We’re about to move into the time period when tensions run high and if there is only one thing a youth hears from you, let it be a good one.
Assets in Action is sponsored by the JJAB and the LACDC.