Assets In Action: It's the thoughts that count

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

A little bit of thought goes a long way, especially during the holiday season, but honestly, it goes a long way every other day of the year too.
As we look at the positive identity category this month, I still hope you will work to recognize the contributions of the everyday people that make your day great, your workplace great or your life even a little better.
Over the past week, we saw how a simple act of kindness becomes a grand gesture, filled with meaning, signifying hope and allowing community to come together, to heal.
The baking and culinary classes were baking random acts of kindness and spreading their better leaving through baked goods philosophy for all.
Trish, an employee at Smith’s in White Rock adorned store pillars in purple ribbon, with gracefully tied bows.
She gently put together tiny purple ribbons with gold pins, free for the taking, a simple gesture, a meaningful act, a contribution never to be forgotten by one, by some, by many.
As a community, as a nation, as a world, we need to come together in small ways, ending division, ending drama that isn’t based on the real in reality.
We need to create safe places to fall, acknowledge feelings and realize that not everyone shows them, but it doesn’t mean they don’t feel them.
In just the opposite way, some people can be struck by the smallest thing, for no particular reason or perhaps based on something very significant, which becomes an overwhelming moment to bear.
A simple picture, song, or situation can transport someone back in time to a treasured memory, or to a traumatic one.
We may not know what to say, but a simple, “I’m sorry,” or “I’m here for you,” maybe be just what is needed, at just the right time, meeting someone, in just the right place.
So while we may not understand the impact, the significance or the reasoning, we are able to give the benefit of the doubt.
On a recent post from Facebook, for those not familiar with social media today, think of it as a giant bulleting board on your refrigerator, just one that everyone gets to read.
Becky Sagness Hardy posted a little wisdom that could benefit the masses. “If someone says something that can be taken two ways, assume they meant the kinder one.”
If we look at more things with a positive frame of mind, we would approach so many people, places, tasks and activities so much better.

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