Assets In Action: It's back to school time once again

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

First of all, as an adult, I apologize to all students for the rash of commercials for back to school.
Can you imagine if we had to see commercials for all of the things we have to do at work, over and over again?
Yes, the time is almost here, but it seems so very early.
Registration for middle school is Friday and Monday, with a great orientation on Aug. 12 and high school registration is Aug. 5-6.
Elementary schools are getting ready for the meet the teacher and the days when families can drop off the multitude of school supplies. Oh, those are some really fun days when the whole family can enjoy the gatherings.
This year the middle school has a great new program for the incoming seventh graders and the high school has one for freshmen.
Staff members have been taking classes and putting plans in place for new programs and projects.
A great deal of landscaping has taken place to trim the weeds, plant new things and add some new items for the upcoming school year.
Custodian and facilities staff have been working hard, painting, cleaning and waxing to put a shine on everything in sight.
Now the rest is up to parents and caregivers. After a bit more time for fun, it will be time to get a few things in order for the big day.
Some may need a big adjustment in schedules as we head toward a more realistic wake up time.
Planning will take place for the first back to school outfits, a few special treats for breakfast the first few days and of course, the lunches, oh the lunches.
I only mention this so soon because this weekend is the big tax free weekend for shopping. So head on over to most school web pages for your school supply list. If one doesn’t exist, don’t worry and just purchase some basics.
Then do some fun last minute family things, go to the movies on a whim, drive up to Sonic in your pajamas for an ice cream after it gets dark, or get a Redbox movie, buy everyone’s favorite snack and pull all of the furniture out of the middle of the living room.
Oh, and if I am honest, my favorite television commercial is one I think for Staples, when they play the old holiday song, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” The dad dances around tossing school supplies into the cart, much to the dismay of the children and it always makes me laugh out loud.
It has never been because I want to get rid of my kids, but because I am happy to see school staff and all of the other students that we haven’t seen since May.