Assets In Action: Honesty, integrity must be taught early

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

As we spring forward into a new season, it is the perfect time to start fresh, try something new and be positive as we slide into the end of the school year.
We’ll look at two topic areas this week, as we have a lot of Assets to cover.
First, we have asset number 28, Integrity, this is when a young person acts on conviction and stands up for his or her beliefs.
Second, there’s honesty, asset number 29, when a young person tells the truth even when it is not easy.
If you’re talking about your own children, these areas should start at a very young age. If you build on these areas when topics are trivial then when times are tough, you will have a foundation that is firm.
There are many things that can assist you in developing these skills along the way, great teachers, wonderful programs, good books and more.
It has been awhile since we threw some numbers your way, so let’s go to the data and see how things have been progressing, or regressing over the last several years.
As the survey looks at students in seventh through 12th grade, this is how the data stacks up for integrity.
2009 data — 74 percent
2013 data — 73 percent
Next we’ll take a gander at honesty, and the survey says?
2009 data — 67 percent
2013 data — 70 percent
That is good news since the numbers are all in the ballpark.
The 2013 data is also broken down by grade and I’m happy to report that when we look at data by grade level, the seniors stole the show when it comes to integrity with 78 percent.
The seventh graders took the cake when it came to honesty with 74 percent.
Before we have too much celebration or gnashing of teeth, whatever grade your student is in now, they would have been a grade younger during this data capture.
As we work to build these assets, I hope you will work to help me capture new and local data for our local program.
You can find our survey monkey survey at www.surveymonkey.com/s/LosAlamosCommunityAssets
We’re trying for a large data capture and it doesn’t matter if you are a parent, a senior citizen or a regular community member, we would like your two cents about what is needed, wanted or what we already have for this community on the hill.
It also doesn’t matter if you live here work here¸ do or don’t have kids in the school system. We are striving for thriving and what we hope for the youth in the future.
We need to look at what each and every adult in the community can do from small interactions to big programs, all of the puzzle pieces go together and no one is successful with only one of the 40.
So log on, sign in and take the 5 or 10 minutes to answer a few questions. Your time could benefit many and your opinion matters a lot.
Assets In Action is sponsored by the LACDC and the JJAB, to learn more, or request information, call or text 695-9139.