Assets In Action: Homecoming a way to bond with school

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Monday, the Kid’s Count Report was released, detailing the status of New Mexico youth, showing our state in 50th place.
I know I have said it before, but so much could change if everyone just embraced the Assets philosophy and tried to add it into their daily activities.
This week we focus on Asset number No. 24. Bonding to school — Young person cares about her or his school.
I would love for you to share your thoughts about what bonded you to your school? What was it that made you feel great about your school?
I didn’t go to school here, but I believe I feel bonded to all three levels of school because this is where my children will gain many of their Assets.
I grew up in a decent home, in a decent neighborhood, but still feel it was the Florida Public Education system which gave me a great deal of Assets.
This Asset generally times out to be discussed just prior to homecoming, no I’m not that organized, just lucky.
Homecoming is a really easy time for all of us to bond as a community.
The events and activities like the parade, the things for sale, the football game and best of all, Secundino Sandoval wearing his letterman jacket, all make the week special.
I believe we should start a program where you could apply for local alumni status. Ms. Vicki Nelms, I’m seeing a fundraiser for the athletic department, we’ll talk.
So let’s get to the data … are you sitting down?
Our 2009 data had students in sixth through 12th grade ranking that Asset at 50 percent. The 2013 data shows that number is now 63 percent!
Hey folks, I’m no math major, but statistically that is awesome!
I would argue that it didn’t take scads of money to bond people to school, but there is something special that they did do, they formed relationships.
They made connections, they partnered up, and they implemented small-scale programs that paid off with big time results.
Don’t worry, I’m not naive, I do understand that some things do cost money. What I’m saying is often they don’t and it only takes one person to make the connection to begin the relationships that can transform a school, a community, a state, a nation and a world.
I can’t solve the problems of the world, but I can assist the community in helping our youth acquire Assets. If you would like our free newsletter, just let me know. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?
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