Assets in Action: Final thoughts for summer's end

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

This week may be a hodge-podge of thoughts as we end, a freestyle summer of columns.
During the summer, I tend to focus on things in the news, events coming up and items that don’t fit in a particular box.
However there are so many thoughts for my two cents, that I’m not sure where to begin.
Maybe I should mention the new television shows about to begin and that we may actually have humorous comedies back on television. There will be shows with Michael J. Fox, Robin Williams and Sean Hayes, which will allow us some much-needed laughter.
What a nice change of pace to rid ourselves of some reality shows and the over abundance of shows built around death, crime, murder and adultery.
We can look ahead to the annual Change for Change collections at Smith’s, which will begin in September. Their generous effort will in part, benefit the annual Community Asset Awards.
You can wear your favorite college T-shirt, or military apparel on Sept. 6, to demonstrate lifelong learning.
If you plan to participate, let me know so we can capture your community support, on behalf of youth.
There’s a chance to expand your mind with an intergenerational
opportunity on Sept. 7, at
CommUnity University, with UNM-LA.
Assets will be hosting a Q and A session with a panel of doctors from the Children’s Clinic. There will also be a session on sports injury prevention and nutrition.
That event will start a year-long series of Assets, working with the doctors to promote a variety of health topics. We will bounce between White Rock and Los Alamos to provide easy access for all.
Next week, we enter September and the official start to a year of Asset building. The Los Alamos County Council, with the help of Julie Habiger, highlighted our Assets work with a proclamation for the entire school year.
Next month we will begin looking at the data and focus on each Asset during the days, weeks and months of school year.
There is never enough time, so please find a way to get involved and make this the greatest Asset building year of all.
We try to make it easy with handouts, columns, social media and even a texting option. You can always stay up to date by visiting the JJAB website to see what a variety of programs have available, in the community.

Assets In Action is a community-building program of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation and the JJAB.