Assets In Action: Encourage students to share their day

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Our Asset focus this week, is Asset number 22, School Engagement.
This Asset demonstrates that a young person is actively engaged in learning.
Our data shows that in 2009, students in sixth through 12th grade reported that 57 percent felt they had this Asset in their lives.
The 2013 data shows that number had risen to 60 percent.
While I believe there are no huge observations in why the number has risen, like many of the other Assets, this one is another that can be influenced by discussion.
We need to take time to talk about the school day. While I understand that not every day is a dinner around the table affair, you have to make sure some days turn out that way.
At the elementary level, the discussion is much easier, when you can ask about what they learned that day, what special they had and what they did there.
Have students share what library books they checked out, teach you the game they played at recess or display their recent art project somewhere in the home for the week.
Middle school will be a huge topic of discussion over the next few weeks. There will be new classrooms, sites, sounds and lots to learn in the new building. Make sure you ask something, anything, even if you seem to annoy them.
Also make sure to attend the open house. There’s nothing I hate more than a parent that doesn’t go, because they have already been to one for an older student. That logic would be the same as not going to a restaurant again, because you had been there before. Remember this is their first time and the less special you make it for them, the more you highlight a lack of interest.
High school has a slew of activities happening next week with Faith Glasco and Elizabeth Hjelvik running the show, to “Take a Second and Make a Difference,” for high school students. Make sure you ask your student(s) about activities next week.
I occassionally hear how the home school population needs ideas too, because their kids aren’t necessarily in the same settings.
My advice would be to make sure you do something without each other. Have students take a class or attend an activity or talk without you. Then they can come home and share their own experiences and teach you about something.
I would tell everyone to try and not know all of the answers, all of the time. It might be easy to do so, because of our experience, but if you know everything already, why would I want to share.
Finally, thanks so much for supporting College Day on Friday! The Los Alamos Monitor has more photos online too. My huge thanks to Julie Habiger, who did an awesome job to garner county participation.
Also LAPS staff, who not only participated, but had a great time doing it and took photos. You can check out the high school website already, they have several posted, which really made my day yesterday.
If you have some, just shoot us an email.
Assets In Action is sponsored by the JJAB and the LACDC.