Assets in Action: Doing something in honor of dads

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

This week I am writing about Father’s Day. The relationship is so important and even if there isn’t a father in your family, chances are there wonderful men in your life.

I hope you take note of those that don’t have that person in their life. A kind word, an acknowledgment of the good things they accomplish, or the hard work they put forward, may feel like water on their soul in a time they need it most.

To dads I say, I hope there is something you do with your children that is yours alone.

It doesn’t matter if it is simple or extravagant or changes over time, just that you have something that bonds you, that binds you to a small tradition of each other.

When kids are young, perhaps you collect rocks from travels near and far. You can keep them in jars, line them on windowsills or build a path through the garden.

Maybe it is camping, hiking, target shooting or simply watching your favorite teams together. The benefit of the latter is that it is a bond you can still enjoy no matter how many miles may come in between you.

I hope you’ll take the time this weekend, if your kids are close to do something together. If they are little, maybe it is the zoo, if they are older a movie together, perhaps one mom would never see.

I like to keep with the non-extravagant things because it is the relationship I like to build, the creation of the memory that is key.

When you need something to do, rent a movie for $1.50 and never leave the home. How about the free mini golf course located over by the Los Alamos Animal Shelter? Chances are you know someone that would let you borrow a putter. You might be able to find one at our local thrift stores. You could even step it up a notch and practice at the Los Alamos Golf Course.

I feel the need for a special meal is a necessity. This past year I was astounded by the number of moms that found breakfast in bed disgusting. I mean there was actual data on the topic.

The cool thing about dads is they would love it, plus you can always wash the sheets folks.

I hope you are lucky enough to have a dad in your life or someone you could send a note to, even if it would be too hard to speak the words

Bernadette Lauritzen is the Executive Director of Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA), a local non-profit.