Assets In Action: Discovering your inner spark

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

I hope you are enjoying some time off and using it wisely at the same time, during the winter break.
I know there are many things to catch up on, but I hope you will also take some time to dive into you spark, help a youth investigate a spark or at least start thinking about one.
A spark is Asset speak for your passion, your hobby, the thing you like to do with your free time. I like to call it the thing that “floats your boat.”
This is a time to help youth discover what their spark is and how they can put it into play.
As we get older, we are automatically led to finding things to regenerate us, feed our spirit and our needs. The thing is sometimes it needs to be taught, guided or in the visual of a spark, the fan flamed to thrive.
If you need some help, I always like to start at the library. Maybe I should have been a librarian. How wonderful to fan the flame of the investigative spirit, educate on a topic, offer a safe place to fall and be able to give it all away for free.
If you are starting with a blank canvas and no clues, ask them a few topics related to topics and begin with a book.
Does the youth like space, robots, dinosaurs, cooking, a sport, photography, art, drawing, music or nature, then start with some old school visual aids.
Then see how you can help them put it in play. Can you go to the Family YMCA and climb the rock wall, head down to the ice rink for a skate session or take a free hike in the wilderness?
If you can tie some volunteer work to it, all the better. If you have a young teen that likes animals, look into volunteering at the animal shelter.
Do you have a budding lawyer or judge? Call Jenn Bartram at Teen Court and see how they can become a jury member, lawyer and yes, even a judge.
Do you know a youth the plays an instrument? The local senior center offers opportunities for musicians to demonstrate their inclinations.
If they like to cook or bake, help them whip up some holiday goodies for the folks that put in many hours over the holidays season, fire and police personnel, even those waiting in the emergency room, or urgent care until we need them.
If you have young kids at home and want to do something nice for teenagers, this is a great time to bake some cookies and drop them off at the teen center, take a gallon of milk and some paper cups with you, if you want the deed to be over the top.
If your child has a spark or a passion that you are unable to help them with, look around to see who you might know that can help them put it in play.
As Dr. Peter Benson would say, “If you’re breathing, you are on the team,” let us know if you need some help finding a resource at AssetsInAction@att.net.

Assets In Action is sponsored by the JJAB and the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation.