Artwork needed for JPJ Complex

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By Jennifer Garcia

Construction of the Judicial/Police/Jail complex is well under way and county staff is already thinking up ways to beautify the building.

As part of the county’s effort to utilize public art to enhance the community, the Art in Public Places Board, at the direction of the county council, has put out a call for artists. Proposals are being solicited for artists interested in creating artwork for the JPJ Complex.

The facility will house police department personnel and will accommodate the community’s need for a jail facility. In addition, it will provide space for the courts division.

According to a press release, the council and board’s expectations are that the artwork will be exterior in nature and flush to the structure of the building, not something that cantilevers outward or hangs off of the building.

The county wants to address the blank walls that are part of the facility.

The county is open to any type of artwork, but it should be large enough so that the building wall won’t dwarf it.

The dimensions of the wall are 36 feet, 2 inches tall by 24 feet, 8 inches wide.

“We don’t have anything in mind, they can do whatever they think will be appropriate,” Community Services Director Stephani Johnson said of the board’s vision for the artwork. “We have sent the call for proposals out to the artists that submitted proposals for the bus kiosks.”

In addition, she said a list of artists interested in working on county projects is kept and letters were sent out to them, as well.

She also mentioned that she found a website for mosaic artwork, but the artists were based in California. Although she also said that the APP Board didn’t want to limit the artists and would be open to considering artists from other states.

“We’re not going to limit people. We want something that is really outstanding. We don’t want to limit it to local artists,” she said.

Whoever is chosen to do the work will receive some sort of cash compensation, though Johnson was not sure just how much will be paid out.

The successful artist will be expected to work with the building architect on the wall design, especially in regard to how it will attach to the building. The art application should not require a significant amount of structural support.

Submitted proposals do not need to be renderings of a final product. Instead, sketches of what the artist has in mind will suffice. It can be abstract or realistic in nature.

“We just need conceptual sketches,” Johnson said. “We don’t want people to spend a lot of time on it if they’re not sure they’ll get the contract.”

Proposals will be accepted until April 30.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal or would like more information, contact Johnson at 663-1755 or via e-mail, stephani.johnson@lacnm.us.