Arts in Public Places Board ready to tackle new projects

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By Jennifer Garcia

  Like most county entities, 2008 proved to be a busy year for the Arts in Public Places Board. They were involved in several projects and are going into 2009 with a list of projects that will most likely see action taken this year.

  In the fall, bus stop shelters began to crop up around town. During a couple of Council meetings, Councilor Nona Bowman expressed her interest in having some art put on the shelters. The Arts in Public Places Board put out a call for artists and to date, they have only received two proposals. Staff Liaison Stephani Johnson said that the artists she talked to expressed concerned about their artwork becoming County property and not being able to use it for other projects, therefore the Board did not get the number of proposals they hoped for. The County’s contract states that the artist reserves the right to copy and reproduce their artwork. If the Board decides to do so, the date for artwork submittals could be reopened. This topic will be discussed at next month’s meeting.

  In addition the Board’s work plan and five-year plan have been sent out for Board members to review.

  In an effort t beatify the new Eco Station, Environmental Services Manager Regina Wheeler and Johnson have drafted a letter of interest for artwork at the Eco Station.

  The White Rock Fire Station will soon be getting a new piece of artwork, as well. The sculpture is slated for completion by the end of January.

  At the Jan. 6 County Council meeting, Councilors will consider approval of the contract for an historic sculpture project. Council has already approved purchase and placement of this project.

  As part of Santa Fe’s 400th anniversary, Los Alamos County is planning to present the City Different with a piece of art. There have been no solid plans made on what type of artwork will be presented and discussion on the topic will continue into the New Year.

  The purchase of a new sculpture for the skate park will also be discussed in February during the Council’s meeting on the 10th.

  The Essence of Dance sculpture, which used to be in front of Mesa Public Library will be reinstalled. Johnson is waiting for the snow to clear so that she can request the utility locates. After the request is made and she gets the results back, she will alert the contractor and let him know that they are ready to take action on moving the sculpture.

  Though the sculpture located in front of the Hilltop House Hotel was installed in the fall, a dedication ceremony has yet to be installed. Johnson is currently trying to get in touch with artist Lyle London, to see if he’d like to attend the ceremony.