Art takes flight

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By Kirsten Laskey

If you ever want to see proof of Los Alamos’ creativity, just take a look at the entries for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life’s birdhouse silent auction.


There are rocket shaped houses, houses made out of game pieces, houses decorated with computer components, houses drenched in feathers, houses carved out of gourds and houses molded to look like faces.

Local artists have seized plain, unassuming wooden birdhouses purchased from Michaels, the craft store, and allowed their imagination and creativity to take flight.

But these artistic endeavors are not just for art’s sake, it is also for a charitable cause.

The proceeds from the auction will benefit the Relay for Life event.

Cindy Eaton, co-chair of Relay for Life, said although the fundraiser is new to  Los Alamos’ Relay for Life, the Gallup Relay for Life has done the auction. Gallup’s efforts inspired Los Alamos to take on a similar event.  

“It’s a fundraiser … it brings together the artists … and they have come out in droves,” she said.

“There’s a bird house for everybody,” Eaton added. Whether it is feathers, stain glass monsters or computer components, the birdhouses come in every shape, size and color.

“It’s just been so successful,” she said.

The houses can be seen at Village Arts, located on DP Road, which has contributed to the auction. However, the houses will also be displayed June 10 and 11 at Los Alamos National Bank.

They will also be featured June 12 at ChamberFest as well serve as table decorations during the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce’s banquet June 11.

The final display will be on June 25 at the Relay for Life Event at Ashley Pond.

So far, more than 46 houses have been included in the auction but Eaton said they will take houses up through Relay for Life.

Alan Wadlinger, co-chair of the Relay for Life, said he believes the fundraiser has been popular with artists because, “It allows them to use their creativity in a way that benefits the community.”

“Everyone is producing something for the good of all,” he added. That is the very reason local artist Fran Stovall donated to the auction.

“I was able to take something and use the things I know how to do and create something fun for this project,” she said.

Stovall encourages others to take part in the fundraiser because it’s “just a way to be creative and fun.”

Another contributing artist, Katy Korkos commented, “The bird houses I’ve seen are really cool. Some are spectacular … I really enjoyed making them myself, I love making things and when Ken Nebel gave me the bird houses, I just went to town. It’s for a good cause and I enjoyed making them and I hope people spend a lot of money.”

To make a bid, visit www.relayforlife.org/losalamosnm and click on the bird house auction link.

Or, e-mail Eaton at cindy.eaton@att.net.