Art projects plentiful in LA

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By The Staff

Art buffs and those who are interested in yet-to-be-placed artwork in Los Alamos County may find the Art in Public Places Board meeting of interest. 

The meeting is held the second Wednesday of every month in Meeting Room #1 at the Mesa Public Library. This month’s meeting will be held tomorrow, beginning at 4:30 p.m.

There are quite a few items slated for the APP agenda, which include various art projects that are in the works in and around the county.

One of the topics that will be discussed at the meeting is artwork for the bus shelters. A call for artists was put out to attract both local and out of town artists, in hopes that some designs suitable for the bus shelters would be submitted for consideration. Two calls for artists were put out on this project. The first call did not yield enough interest, so another call was put out, which, according to Staff Liaison, Community Services Director Stephani Johnson, yielded better results.

In addition, artwork the Judicial/Police/Jail Complex will also be discussed. Recently, a call for artists was also put out for this project. During the call for artists, Johnson said that the county was looking for either local artists or for artists from out-of-town to submit their ideas for the JPJ Complex.

“Essence of Dance” is also slated to be discussed. This sculpture was originally located in front of the Mesa Public Library, however, when the skate park was built, the sculpture was taken down and put in storage for installation at a later time. Now, the APP Board is interested in reinstalling the sculpture.

As a directive from county council and in celebration of Santa Fe’s 400th anniversary, Los Alamos County is hoping to give the City Different a birthday present. The gift will come in the form of a sculpture. $25,000 has been allocated for the purchase of the sculpture. There is no word yet on whether the City of Santa Fe has agreed to accept the gift, or where they will place it if they do.

Work is also being done on acquiring a fountain-type of sculpture to be installed at the skate park. Parks Division Manager Richard McIntyre is working on the details of ordering and placing the sculpture.

Look for a follow-up story to the APP Board meeting in this week’s Monitor