Art Center a good place

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I would like to compliment Carol Clark on her objective reporting on the Art Center at Fuller Lodge board and the resignation of the chairman. As a board member, I feel I need to respond to several quotes taken from her articles. 

I became a board member last year to serve an organization that I have been involved with, and believed in, for half of my life. I joined in order to help promote the Art Center and its mission. Although I have learned much this year, the experience has not been enjoyable.

In Carol Clark’s article dated Tuesday, June 23, the chairman is quoted as saying, “There is a rumor going around that the Art Center is not working and it’s not being run correctly. That’s not true, it is fine, it’s just not being run the way four people on the board want it to be run.” He is also quoted as saying, “This fight is all about control of the Art Center.” 

In an article dated Wednesday, June 24, the chairman is quoted as saying, “All too often, nonprofit organizations succumb to factions and individuals who want to use it for personal gain, control or ego enhancement.”

I am one of those four outspoken individuals.  I can say that I have certainly been unhappy with many of the actions, and more importantly, the inaction I witnessed on the board. As a steward of the Art Center, it was, and still is, my duty to speak up against mistreatment of the staff and membership and to ensure the Art Center stands up to its mission and purpose.

I have absolutely no need for control or ego enhancement, and certainly nothing personal to gain! Although I can only speak for myself, I feel sure the other three board members would feel the same. I am disappointed that the chairman thinks this of me.

On a more positive note, despite my less-than-satisfactory experience last year, I have decided to continue on the board. This isn’t an organization I can leave because of one frustrating year. Instead, I plan to look forward and use that one years worth of experience to make a difference. 

I am anxious to meet the new board members in July, and to get to work. It isn’t often that the Art Center makes front page news two days in a row, but I hope to see us making headlines again soon – in better circumstances!

Ken Nebel

Los Alamos