Appointees skate on thin ice

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By Jay Miller

Being a state employee at a time like this is no fun. The vast majority of state payrollers are protected by the state Personnel Act, which prevents new administrations from firing everyone as was the case before 1961.
Although classified employees know they can’t be fired without cause, they still are very uneasy during a change in administration. It’s especially stressful when it involves a change in political party as it has during the last five gubernatorial elections.
Who will be the new bosses? What will they be like? Will they know anything about their jobs or will we have to train them? Or will they want to change the way we do everything around here?
Employees appointed by the governor are exempt from the personnel act’s requirements and protections. Their only question is where they will find their next job.
Both candidates said they would fire all political appointees. That’s one of the easier promises to keep. Most governors do clean house and start with their own executive team.