An appeal

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By Edward B. Grothus

Dear Editor,

Arise, scientific heirs of J. Robert Oppenheimer. For over 60 years scientists here have only followed orders, only done their job, only done their duty. Scientists! Awake from that long slumber. Tell the powerful, warmongering leadership, the politicians, the CEOs of the military/industrial complex that mute scientific compliance is an option that is no longer acceptable.

Los Alamos’ torches, on hair-trigger alert, must not be ignited. Actions, originating in Los Alamos, must bring the long heritage under positive, humanity guaranteeing, control. A call from the scientific community here for abolition of our torches would be wisdom in action. It is but minutes before an ultimate darkness might well envelop our planet. We cannot trust that some idiot will not issue an order for ignition of our torches. That order must not ever be obeyed.

There is an energy mission required. Scientists need to apply themselves to new ways to harness the energy of our infinite power supply, the sun. The really long-term survival of humankind requires it.

Change! Change is the new order of our day. Change the mission of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Stop making more things only useful for killing. Begin work to certify and guarantee humanity’s survival. Let an appeal and actions from Los Alamos be heard in the corridors of power. Remember humanity and forget all the rest. Let not this appeal fall on blocks and stones.

Los Alamos