The answer for White Rock

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I’ve read the proposed White Rock Development Plan and I have a few comments. I also read the article in the Monitor May 11 about the town hall meeting where the plan was discussed.

I completely agree that the library needs to be on residential side of N.M. 4. It is simply unacceptable to ask young children to cross N.M. 4. I don’t care how safe the crossing is (even an overpass), young children should not have to cross N.M. 4.

The issue of retail in White Rock is very, very simple. If rent is too high, retail cannot survive. No amount of pretty landscaping is going to get us to shop on the Hill or White Rock when Walmart is just 10 minutes farther. The only viable businesses in White Rock are those that offer items it doesn’t make sense to get on the Internet or buy at Walmart (or in Santa Fe). Restaurants, small hardware stores, shipping services or other small-item shops are the only types of stores that will survive.

The reason businesses cannot survive is simple: Rent is too high.

Rent is high because the land barons of this town keep it high so the lab is forced to pay the maximum that DOE lets the lab pay. There is a very simple answer to this: regulation. Simply pass commercial rent control in Los Alamos County.