Animal Shelter 06-8-14

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The Los Alamos Animal Shelter, 226 East Road, 662-8179, has a great selection of adoptable pets just waiting for their forever home, so come adopt a new friend today! Be sure to check out the Petfinder website for pictures of all adorable adoptable animals:


SHELTER HOURS: Noon to 6 p.m. Monday – Friday and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekends.

Also, be sure to check out lafos.org, to get more information about volunteering, adopting and donating, as well as read up on some of favorite animals and learn more about special needs animals or cats and dogs currently in foster care. 

All adoptable pets are microchipped, spayed or neutered, and up-to-date on vaccinations.


Bindi — A 6-month-old, female, tabby with white. This small, young cat has started to settle into the shelter routine. Although she is initially a little shy, she is quite friendly and social.

DQ — Eight-year-old, neutered, gray and white, male Manx cat with a cute little bobtail. He lost his home due to a divorce. DQ likes the comfort and security of his own space, but he is slowly gaining confidence in the cat room and is now out in the communal area with other cats. He is a bit shy at first, so it will take some time for him to adjust to a new home, but he would certainly love the comfort and security of a forever home and person! Having a safe space to retreat to, such as a small covered bed, will help him adjust to his new home. He can be easily frightened by loud noises and changing situations, so he would do best in a home without children. His cute little bobtail always surprises shelter visitors! 

Handly — A new addition to the shelter. This sweet, adult, gray, tabby male was surrendered to the shelter this week. His leg was caught in a gopher trap and was just amputated. Handly will be available for adoption after he has healed from his injuries.

Lady Buttercup — A recent addition to the shelter. She has a medium-length, mostly white coat with black and orange markings. She is about a year and a half years old (a teenager in cat years) who would love a forever home, possibly with another kitty as she enjoys the company of other cats. We hope to see her become a more confident girl as we socialize her here at the shelter. Call Mary at 470-6973 for more information on her.

Persephone — An adult, long-haired tortie, new to the shelter this week. She is shy, but warms up quickly when she feels comfortable. She was surrendered due to a family move.

Princess — A four-year-old, spayed, female, with a lovely, black medium-length, fluffy coat and striking, green eyes. Her photo doesn’t do her beautiful looks justice! She is said to be a Maine Coon mix: while a largish cat, she is not a large as most Maine Coons. She loves cuddling and is said to be good with other cats (she lived with three other kitties), dogs, adults and kids. She is an indoor kitty, surrendered due to a family move and available after vetting.

Stormy — Beautiful 2 ½-year-old flame point Siamese. After Friends of the Shelter arranged to have his teeth cleaned and his bladder stones removed, Stormy became very affectionate with adult volunteers. He does not care for children and he prefers not to share the attention with other demanding cats.

Smirky — An extremely shy all black cat who was trapped a few weeks ago in Pajarito Acres. She hasn’t quite figured out that the shelter isn’t such a scary place, and shelter volunteers are working hard to socialize this petite girl so that she is ready for a new home soon. Check back for more information about Smirky as shelter volunteers and staff work with her. 

Trouble (don’t be deceived by his name!) — A black and white, short-haired, male with tuxedo-like markings. He is very friendly, even in his new digs. He was surrendered due to a family move and is about 4 years old. He gets along with adults, kids, cats and dogs and has always been an indoor cat.

Tank — He is not huge, as his name might indicate, but a medium-sized, Russian blue, short hair, intact male approximately 4 years old. Slightly shy, but friendly, Tank will be available after he is neutered. He is said to be good with adults, kids, other cats and dogs and is an indoor cat. 


Baby — A 5-year-old spayed female cattle dog/heeler cross. She is good-natured and friendly with adults, gentle children, cats, and dogs. Baby loves to go for leash walks and play at the dog park. Good natured to the max, she is comfortable with cats, children and other dogs.  Learn even more about Baby and to arrange a personal introduction, call her sponsor, Carolyn, at 231-3624. 

Bella — A sweet, female Golden Retriver mix. She is medium size, is eager to please and wants to learn some new manners. Bella was surrendered due to barking and with training, she should be able to break that habit.

Chrissie — Chrissie is a senior boxer who still has lots of love to give! She is full of energy and very playful. She enjoys the company of people and other dogs. On a recent visit to the cat room, Chrissie was more interested in their food than the cats, so she probably would be fine in a home with cats as well! For more information about Chrissie, call her sponsor at 501-0790. 

Fergie — A tan and white, female, German Shepherd mix with long hair. Learning to be less afraid as volunteers take her for walks. She is friendly and loves pets once she knows and trusts you. It usually takes a few meetings for her to let go of her shyness and replace it with her inner love bug. She would like a home without young children. For more information, call her sponsor at 412-1060.

Princess — A beautiful, female, brindle, pitbull mix who has just had puppies. While she is not yet available for adoption (pending a visit to the vet to be spayed), she would love to meet potential adopters. The shelter thinks Princess is about one year old. 

Scarlet — An 8-year-old, female, black and white Husky. She recently escaped from the shelter and is missing. This “special needs” girl has suffered from seizures her whole life, but they are fairly well controlled with daily medication. She was last seen near the shelter, but is shy. If seen, do not approach but contact Sally at 412-3451 or the shelter at 662-8179.

Shade — A female, adult, black, lab mix found roaming in the parking lot at the shelter and is approximately 2 years old. This is a friendly, energetic, nice dog that has great potential as a working or sport dog. She has an eye condition that is being evaluated and Friends of the Shelter will pay for additional treatment if needed. She is now available for adoption.

Texas — A 2½-year-old, tri-color, Aussie mix. He is very active, people friendly and probably friendly with female dogs. He has a lot on energy and loves to go for walks and runs.

Zachary — A male, brown, brindle pitbull mix, who is new to the shelter. He seems to be a bit shy with strangers and uncertain of his new surroundings. He will be available after seeing the vet.


• A pregnant Chihuahua (whom we’ve named Honeyboo), whose delivery of puppies appears imminent was brought into the shelter on June 4. The shelter is accepting applications for these puppies.

• A small, tan, female Dachshund, found near Rim trail June 4.

• Information on roaming animals is limited, if you are missing your animal, stop in or call the shelter.