Animal Shelter 04-03-11

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The Los Alamos Animal Shelter, 226 East Road, 662-8179, has a great selection of on-site adoptable pets; others are in foster care with loving, temporary homes.
All of our fully reconditioned adoptable pets are spayed or neutered, have their shots and are micro-chipped.
Be sure to check out links to our many pets at the Friends of the Shelter Web site: www.lafos.org. You can also volunteer or make a donation.  
Don’t forget our two-for-one, $35 Cat-a-Palooza adoption event is still going on for a limited time. The Dog Jog is coming up April 16, so mark you calendars and register online.
We get lots of roaming cats and dogs. Don’t assume your cat was a meal for a coyote. Check with the shelter and see if your best friend is bunking with us. Proof of rabies vaccination is required when claiming your pet.

Barnyard  — Was a frightened kitty found in the 2000 block of 46th St.  He is a large black and gray swirled Tabby with a lovely coat.  He is learning to enjoy gentle attention.
Bonzai  — Is a 10- year-old black and white medium-haired gentleman, with special dietary needs.  He’s sociable, but has his own kennel for eating.  
Dogg — Is actually a cat. An older, mature gentleman, he has suffered several changes of address recently. He was recently released into the adoption pool and needs a quiet home with few distractions and lots of love.
Luke  — A lovely young grey kitty out and about in the common room, friendly, playful and with good manners.
Missy — Is a 4-year-old spayed female gray Tabby.  She needs a quiet home without a lot of hassles, but she is very eager for human attention and will make a great lap-warmer.
Necko — Is young sleek, sweet black spayed female who likes attention.  Talkative, inquisitive, friendly, and a tad chubby, she goes through a lot of positive adjectives.
Ponderosa  — A pretty little black and white domestic long hair found in Ponderosa Estates.
Poofey  — A beautiful dark Maine Coon, about 8 years old. He keeps to his own corner but welcomes attention and brushing from adults and gentle children.

Barney  — This fella is still here and is looking for a forever home. This eager-to-please Pit-cross is a year old, plays well with other dogs, loves kids as well as the dog park, is neutered and housebroken. Barney could be one of the best friends you will ever have.
Bruno  — A seriously sweet brindle-colored male Heeler-cross. He is young and eager to be trained. He has big brown eyes and is just begging for love.
Misty — A gorgeous Shepherd-cross, Misty is still a little shy but quickly coming into her own, happy to show off her sweet and gentle side. A little thin from her days in the woods, we are steadily working to put some meat on her bones.

In foster care
and featured
Eve — A strikingly attractive gray and white young lady. She’s declawed and needs to be indoors-only. She warms up to women.  Call 470-6973.

County ordinance requires that a roaming animal be kept for 10 days waiting for owners to claim it.  After 10 days an animal becomes the property of the county.  Please claim your pets promptly!

• A medium-sized brindle-colored dog with short hair found in White Rock. Ask for Bruno.
•  A large brindle-colored dog with short hair. Ask for Buster.
•  A male chocolate Lab found roaming in White Rock on March 19. Ask for Mars (formerly Chocolate).
•  Is a female Lab found roaming in White Rock on March 19. Ask for  Latté (formerly Vanilla).
•  Just arrived and yet unnamed, an adorable black and white Border Collie-mix with a large black spot over one eye, which should make him super easy for his owner to “spot.”