Animal shelter

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The Los Alamos Animal Shelter, 226 East Road, 662-8179, has a great selection of on-site adoptable pets; others are in foster care with loving, temporary homes. 

All of our fully reconditioned adoptable pets are spayed or neutered, have their shots and are micro-chipped.

Be sure to check out links to our many pets at the Friends of the Shelter Web site: www.lafos.org. You can also volunteer or make a donation.  

Don’t forget our two-for-one, $35 Cat-a-Palooza adoption event is still going on for a limited time. 



Barnyard — Frightened 

kitty found at 2048 46h St. Large, domestic short hair, swirled Tabby with a lovely coat.

Bonzai — Ten year old black and white kitty with special dietary needs. He is sociable, but has his own kennel for eating.

Cali — Current “queen of the cat room.” She’s a beautiful domestic long hair spayed female senior Calico. Her owner now lives in Sombrillo. Cali is healthy and her coat is awesome. She misses a friendly lap and has been at the shelter for a long time. 

Gidget — Is a spayed, 12 year old, domestic short hair dark Tortie with big, green eyes. Her family had to move, so she was surrendered with her companion cat, Samantha. Gidget is OK with cats, dogs and kids.

Luke — Is a lovely grey kitty out and about in the common room.

Missy — Is a four year old spayed female American Domestic Tabby.

Nikki — Is an adorable three month old black and white spayed female kitten. She’s full of life, is entertaining and all that one would expect a kitten to be.

Percey — DSH spayed female, four years old. Good with kids.

Poofey — Beautiful dark Maine Coon. Has been a neighborhood roamer for a long time, but is slowly adjusting to the cat room.

Rosko — Is a domestic long hair, neutered Maine Coon, who’s six or seven months old. He’s a handsome young guy.

Samantha — Came in with Gidget when their family moved. She’s a domestic short hair muted Tortie. She’s four years old and spayed and is pretty shy about eating. She has her own special floor cage where she can eat without other feline help. 

Snoopy — Is a seven year old, neutered male orange Tabby. 

Vittles— Very cute tuxedo, less than a year old. Very friendly.


Barney — Is our sweet little brown and white Pit mix. He’s a bundle of energy and is about eight or nine months old. He loves people, other dogs and the dog park. He does have a non-contagious skin condition that is being treated by Friends of the Shelter. It’s improving daily and won’t be much of an issue. This lad is a diamond in the rough.

Doodles — Is a young, medium-size spayed female Shepherd/Terrier-mix who’s owner never claimed her. She is very people friendly.

In foster care and featured:  Unless otherwise noted, call 412-3451 to inquire about these fine pets. 

Babette — Eight month old, 80 lb. female Hound-mix. Full of energy, plays tirelessly and loves other dogs. She is crate trained and housebroken. Call 660-1648 for information.

Tigger is a five month old female kitten. She’s tiger-striped with short hair, a white bib and white paws. She’s active, curious and friendly. She has all her shots and she’s spayed. 470-6973.



County ordinance requires that a roaming animal be kept for 10 days, waiting for owners to claim it.  After 10 days an animal becomes the property of the county.  Please claim your pets promptly.