Angela’s governess: Miss Williams

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By Special to the Monitor

I’m Margaret Williams (played by Claire Singleton), but everyone at Alderbury called me Miss Williams. I was Angela’s governess before my posting to the Belgian Embassy, when Angela went away to school.
 I was born in the north of England and studied at Durham University. I obtained a First in Classics and hoped then eventually to marry the man of my dreams. The only problem was that I never met the man of my dreams. I became a grammar school teacher of Latin and French and then a governess, which was when I moved south, to the Home Counties, and eventually to Alderbury to work for the Crales.
 I adored Caroline Crale. She was the perfect wife and mother. Unfortunately, she was burdened with a monster of a husband who did not appreciate her as he should have. I detested Amyas Crale for the way he mistreated his lovely wife.
Thankfully, I did not have much contact with him. Be that as it may, I did enjoy my job at Alderbury. Angela could be a challenge, to put it mildly, but she had an avid learner’s mind and asked many interesting questions. She was even then developing an interest in paleontology and mineralogy and had expressed a desire to study at Oxford one day. I knew she would go far.
 When Amyas Crale was murdered, I was shocked, yes, but not overly surprised. Several people present at Alderbury that day had reason to want him dead.
I saw and heard one or two things that gave me my own grounds for suspicion, but I have always kept those opinions to myself. I remained close to Caroline until she died and am still very fond of Angela.
I would love to find out who really killed Amyas Crale — so that I can say “thank you!”