Off and On: Don’t get scammed: What to watch for

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By The Staff

Going around the Internet now is a scam from someone claiming to be from the IRS saying that you have a refund and all you need to do is give some banking and debit information and its yours.Please, don’t believe it.If anyone contacts you by phone or e-mail and asks you for any personal information, run for the hills!And then call the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office. They report that they receive thousands of inquiries annually. Numerous consumers call the Consumer Protection Division to report various scams or frauds or what appear to be fraudulent schemes.If you encounter a scam or fraud, report it to the Consumer Protection Division by calling 800-678-1508.The attorney general’s office has issued some guidelines on how to protect yourself. They include the following:

• Be cautious of anything on the Internet asking for or requiring money.

• Be cautious of offers for products or services you did not seek out.

• Be cautious of prizes if you did not enter a contest.

•  Pay with a credit card. The best method of payment is by credit card, because you can dispute the charges by contacting your credit card company if there is a problem.