Anast/Sanderson top tourney

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Golf: Team takes decisive win at Memorial Day Best Ball event

By The Staff

The team of Kurt Anast/Steve Sanderson cruised to a big win in the Memorial Day Best Ball tournament this weekend.
The Memorial Day Best Ball is the first major tournament of the summer hosted by Los Alamos Golf Course. Teams were split into two-day and three-day flights.
In the top three-day flight, Anast/Sanderson won by 10 shots over the holiday weekend. The team shot a 59 the first day and matched that total on the third day to finish with an overall total of 181. Eddie Sanchez/Barbara Schmitt, which finished as the runner-up was still within three strokes heading into Monday’s final round, but couldn’t keep pace.
Anast, by himself, shot a 2-under 70 on day three.
In the three-day second flight competition, Bruce Takala/Roger London made up a two-shot deficit Monday despite Bill Bryant/Paul Cook shooting a combined 59 for the final round. Takala/London fired a 57, the low round for the three-day tournament, to force a tie with a total score of 178.
Jim Liberty/Margo Liberty took a three-shot win in the two-day competition No. 3 flight and Steve Williams/Fred Thomas finished 12 shots better than the teams of Ron Krantz/Don Rokop and Tom Courtney/Bryan Fearey to win the other two-day flight.

3-day competition

First flight
Kurt Anast/Steve Sanderson, 59-63-59—181
Eddie Sanchez/Barbara Schmitt, 63-62-66—191
Alma Sondreal/Anna Swertfeger, 65-64-67—196
Karen Rau/Rhonda McInroy, 66-65-65—196
Steve Birdsell/Kay Birdsell, 67-64-65—196
Mike Ryan/Eric Rich, 67-65-64—196

Second flight
Bill Bryant/Paul Cook, 60-59-59—178
Bruce Takala/Roger London, 62-59-57—178
John Majarus/Mark Harris, 64-60-60—184
Larry Rich/Walt Rich, 60-60-65—185
Jay Staton/Jonathan Osden, 63-60-62—185
Eppie Trujillo/Bib Villa, 66-58-62—186
Jeff Brown/Ken Koch, 66-62-63—191
Bill Gregory/Gary Lind, 65-64-62—191

2-day competition

Third flight

Jim Liberty/Margo Liberty, 66-53—119
Steve Fellows/Art Brown, 62-60—122
Mark Rosenberger/Jon Rau, 61-62—123
Mike Finney/Johnathan War, 62-62—124
Brad Smith/Debbie Smith, 66-61—127
Scott Marriott/Brad Marsh, 66-63—129
Mark Hughes/Terry Burge, 72-68—140

Fourth flight

Steve Williams/Fred Thomas, 55-65—120
Ron Krantz/Don Rokop, 67-65—132
Tom Courtney/Bryan Fearey, 70-62—132
Ron Reed/Mary Reed, 73-73—146