Alpine Laser Dental marks 10 years of service

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By Carol A. Clark

Dr. Curtis Brookover, DDS, and his staff at Alpine Laser Dental are celebrating a decade of service to the community.

Brookover recently took time to reflect on the industry’s technological advances of recent years.

“Dentistry today is vastly different from what it was just 15 or 20 years ago, though public perception still hasn’t caught up with the advances the field of dentistry has made,” he said. “Dentistry has moved beyond only the teeth in facilitating our patients achieve health and wellness.”

Brookover was born at the Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas and grew up in Oklahoma.

After graduating dental school in 1998, Brookover said he needed a change in climate and said the high desert was the perfect place.

“I feel so fortunate to have inherited a great staff from Dr. Ron Jones whom I bought the practice from in January 1998,” Brookover said. “A bonus is being able to work a community of such nice people.”

Brookover has eight employees including his chief financial officer Sharon Brown. Brown manages his office and along with Brookover, praised the close-knit staff. “Kathleen Baldonado is wonderful and has been here since the beginning,” Brown said. “All our employees are so dedicated. We’re thrilled with our newest addition, hygienist Donna Arellano who started two weeks ago. She’s doing a fantastic job.”

To keep his career interesting, Brookover belongs to a variety of dental associations and has received credentials for his continued education.

“The specialties that I have focused on are areas of dentistry I feel passionate about, such as early childhood growth and development and cranial facial pain due to my own experience of wearing braces for over a decade,” he said. “This has had a major impact on my career choice of dentistry because after all those years in pain, I needed to find answers. I also concentrate on sleep apnea, TMJ, and implant surgery.”

Brookover explained that unfavorable growth patterns occur in three out of four children by the age of six. Brookover works to correct the musculoskeletal irregularities with what he calls his “patient-friendly” orthopedic correctors. His favorite appliances are the myofunctional trainers, he said.

“For many children who chronically mouth breath, I see upper airway obstruction due to tonsil and adenoid enlargement, which alters growth of the jaw structures,” Brookover said.

For parents, the condition is easy to recognize if their child is snoring, he said.  More information can be found at www.myoresearch.com regarding my shared philosophy of “less braces better faces”.

For teenagers requiring better facial structure and straight teeth, Alpine offers functional skeletal orthopedic correctors (invisible braces) followed up with Invisalign for teenagers.

Sleep apnea, more commonly known as snoring, treatment begins with home sleep studies utilizing the most recent technology from Itamar (www.itamarmedical.com). Patients place this high tech device on their arm before bed, which replaces the need for a sleep center study and the CPAP mask treatment.

“I examine the data with a sleep physician from Itamar, and a comfortable dental appliance is made accordingly,” he said. “I offer a highly sophisticated cranial facial pain technique for patients experiencing TMJ pain, symptoms of headaches, tinnitus, popping of the TMJ, and other symptoms. I feel privileged to have studied under the most knowledgeable in TMJ orthopedics and neuromuscular dentistry.”

For the edentulous patients, Brookover can offer the “teeth in an hour” implant treatment from


“This is very exciting and life changing for patients and denture wearers to have a bridge on implants all placed in one appointment,” he said. “Using very sophisticated CAD/CAM technology I am able to place implants and the final prosthesis in the same day.”

The implants provide rigid support, which enables the fabrication of much better sleep apnea appliances, if needed, he said.

“It is so satisfying to me and my staff to relieve patients from chronic pain,” Brookover said. “In order to make patients comfortable through some of the procedures, we offer sedation dentistry. I am licensed by New Mexico to provide titration of these meds to maintain the level of sedation needed and monitor patients consistently with medical equipment while they are on the verge of sleeping.”

This makes for a very pleasant dental appointment, he said, because sedation removes the anxiety felt by many when going to the dentist.

Alpine Laser Dental has laser in the name because Brookover uses four different lasers in his office. One is used for diagnosing cavities and another is a water laser from Biolase used for the removal of cavities, fever blisters, periodontal procedures and other pathological lesions.

Alpine is located at 3491 Trinity Drive Suite A, 662-4503, www.alpinelaserdental.com.

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