Almost becoming a tragic figure

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By Ralph Damiani

Thursday in  Rio Rancho it was just like a campaign rally of old. Cheers echoed inside the high school’s gymnasium as President Obama held a town hall meeting.

While we might wish that his presidency had a little less of the campaign style and more of a presidential flavor to it, it is what it is.

But there was one thing that was different from the campaign – where was the governor?

During Obama’s campaign stops, Gov. Richardson was right there, front and center. He was the ringmaster, leading the charge.

But Thursday he could hardly be seen.

If you looked hard enough you could finally find him, tucked away in the corner.

So while the president focused his talk on credit card reform, Richardson sat there with his head down.  He was not on stage or in view.

In fact, the president never came near him and only mentioned the governor once – at the beginning of the rally.

While the president discussed the need for an immediate overhaul of the credit card industry and his commitment to signing the Credit Card Bill of Rights into law by Memorial Day, Richardson sat quietly alone.

When the audience erupted in cheers for Obama, there was no sharing of the spotlight for the governor.

There was a time when Obama came to the state that the two men would be inseperable. Now, the president won’t go within camera shot of him.

The governor seems to have fallen as far as one can fall. The Legislature all but ignored him this past session and now, he was barely part of the crowd during the president’s town hall address.

Richardson, who once was a leading Obama supporter and had even been nominated for the job of Commerce Secretary several months ago, is now forgotten, shoved aside.

The governor accepted, then rejected the offer after becoming embroiled in a pay to play investigation of which he has denied any wrongdoing.

But the investigation continues and Richardson has become just a problem Obama does not need or want. Right or wrong, the governor seems to have made his bed and now he has to lie in it.

Honoring those who serve

This was National Police Week that gave us a chance to honor and thank police officers for their courage and dedication. But this is something we should do everyday.

From our low crime rate to the dedicated men and women who give so much to us all.

From Chief Wayne Torpy to the staff of the Los Alamos Police Department we should all say thanks each day.

Without the efforts of these people our lives would not be as full, as safe or as peaceful.

As we do on Memorial Day for our men and women who gave their lives in defense of our liberty, we should also take time to honor all the federal, state and local police officers killed or disabled in the line of duty.

They are worth our time and our honor.