Alert: Possible door-to-door magazine scam underway

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By The Staff

A White Rock resident reported young women coming to her door selling magazine subscriptions this week.

She explained seeing a vehicle drop off several young women who then fanned out across her neighborhood near Meadow Lane.

The young women told her they were from abusive families and they would get more points if she gave them cash.

She Googled the company immediately afterward and discovered numerous complaints posted about the organization.

The woman's husband arrived home shortly and she told him what had transpired.

They jumped in their car, located the women and demanded their money back, threatening to call police if their money wasn't returned on the spot.

One of the young women returned the money.

Police say it is not against the law to sell magazines door-to-door and that they cannot step in until a resident’s magazine order fails to arrive.

The best advice is to Google or otherwise research the company the salesperson is representing to make sure it is legitimate before giving them money.

Also, it is always a bad idea to pay for a product or service with cash.