Airport Basin Project on schedule despite weather

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By Jennifer Garcia

The Airport Basin Site Project seems to be moving along at a steady pace, despite the recent cold weather and snow that Los Alamos has experienced.


Guaranteed Maximum Price #3 was approved during the Dec. 16 County Council meeting, however, it did not include the price of asphalt.


Despite that, Hensel Phelps, county staff and design firm WH Pacific are working to keep the project on schedule and within the approved budget.


Capital Projects Manager and Facilities Director Anne Laurent said the county is extremely pleased with Hensel Phelps and with how they’ve kept the project on schedule.


“They planned and budgeted for winter protection to continue working through the winter and we also have our own staff out overseeing the construction, as well as a third party, Wilson and Company (overseeing quality),” she said. “Everyone has been working well together.”


Crews have begun installing temporary natural gas lines that service Bayo Canyon, which will allow for the natural gas main that interferes with the southern portion of Building E (transit fleet and warehouse) to be removed.


In addition, the demolition of the overhead electrical lines north of Building D (utilities, risk and parks divisions) can now take place because temporary electrical lines have been connected.


The rest of the overhead lines crossing the ABS Project Site will be demolished following more electrical work scheduled for Jan. 11 along NM 502.


The water lines at East Gate have been tied in and another tie in is scheduled for Jan 13. The new water main will service Bayo Canyon and will pave the way for the demolition of an old water main that interferes with the southern portion of Building E.


Earthwork will continue as the weather allows, however, site work is now 95 percent complete.


In addition, the steel on Building H (traffic/painting striping building) is 95 percent erected and is almost ready for the roof decking.


The steel on Building C (Public Works/Facilities Divisions) is 35 percent erected and with weather permitting, should have the steel 100 percent erected within the next two weeks.


The building foundations are complete on Building B (Los Alamos Public Schools) and the stem walls are 90 percent complete.


In addition, the foundations on Building D (Utilities, Risk and Parks Divisions) are 50 percent complete and the excavation for the rest of the building foundation work is ongoing, dependent on the weather.


Foundation work on Building E (Warehouse and Transit/Fleet) is 50 percent complete and 40 percent completion has been reached on the building stem walls. Excavation for the remainder of the balance building foundations will start as soon as the natural gas and water mains are relocated.


Construction for Building F (Truck wash) and the fuel station will start in the spring.


Laurent will return to Council in April with GMP #4, which will include the price of asphalt. Completion for the project is expected in January or mid-February of 2010, however, Laurent said that as the buildings are completed, Hensel Phelps will turn them over to the county for occupation.